Booh! Its vi’s blog. I wasn’t planning on starting one but posting something on the SLART blog made me do it! No, really! What it will be? A little bit of everything I’m afraid. Do we need it? Probably not but I will do it anyway. See the pic in the header? That’s about how I felt when I started SL in january of this year. Upside down. After hearing an item on newsradio about it I was immediately intrigued and fascinated, mainly because of the overlap between virtual and real life. I wanted to know more, understand how it works. So right the next day, there she was…vi was born into a new world. After my first weeks, hanging around all the newbie places, feeling bored and lost I understood I had to start doing something or I would miss the point completely. So, brave and assertive virtual me got herself a job at Jade’s Jazz Lounge, right after she got herself her first prim hair, met loads of fun (and not so fun) people and shopped shopped and shopped. About that btw, a nice discovery about sl shopping is that it actually turns out to be a major RL moneysaver. Hah, that about wraps it up for all those grumpies nagging about the dangers of addiction. But then, then I wanted more, I wanted to create something. But what? In the past few months I found that second life is not that much of a second life at all. I can not be anything but my RL self. Like it or not, it is always me I tag along, even to a virtual new life. So even in this so called second life people do things, create things to which they are familiair. Designers design, reporters report, artists create art, philosophers practice philosophy and so on. Oh yeah, scammers start sl banks. So what did I end up with? I built myself a small and modest art gallery. Is that somehow related to my RL? Yes. Because this was mainly a way for me to take a next step in my development as an sl avi it is still a small gallery, on a small piece of linden land with the lowest amount of prims. But I am happy with it, for now (allthough I like it so much that yes, I am already thinking of expanding). And who knows what the future might bring.


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