There is something odd about the SL art world. I find that, contrary to RL, a lot of galleries are owned by artists. Some artists have a gallery devoted to their own art, other galleries show several artists and have changing exhibitions. But what I find odd is that artists really do shop around with their art. They hop from one gallery to the other. And the funny thing about that is that, contrary to RL again, in sl there would not be any need for such a practice. A simple teleport click brings you anywhere you would like to go. Simple as that. So even if the work you want to see is at the other side of our virtual world, it’s a matter of seconds. Anyway, related to this way of working, I recently had a not so positive experience with an artist. After the first exhibition in DEPOT I was contacted by email by a RL artist. He liked the gallery and would like to show his work there. So I checked his website and agreed with him that we could make a nice exhibition in DEPOT with some of his works. I told him and I also told him that I wanted to sell his works as ‘singles’. What I mean by that is that I only wanted to sell the works once, in order to give it some exclusivity. One could discuss whether exclusivity is in fact one of the main characteristics of art but especially in this environment I think it should be. Instead of the word ‘singles’ I could use the work original but somehow that seems weird in an sl setting. Anyway, he agreed. So, there I was preparing his exhibition when he invited me to an exhibition of his work in another gallery. Since I was already used to this hopping habit in sl I was not really surprised. However, when I noticed it were the exact same works, I was. Most art in sl is not sold in editions or as singles when for me, this seems essential. Or at least, when it comes to selling sl copies of rl art. Art created in sl is a totally different subject. More on that later.


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