Some more thoughts on the subject of originality. In my previous post I wrote that calling the works being sold in DEPOT ‘originals’, would seem weird to me. This was based on the fact that those are sl copies of rl works, being photography, oils and works on paper. In that sense I would not call them originals, since the originals are the rl works, and the sl copies are made for use in sl. They are however being sold as ‘singles’ or in a small edition in order to give them the same exclusivity as they have in rl. In sl however, something new has evolved. The slart, second life art. And I find that very intruiging. I have already seen a few works that I liked but so far only one that I would, realizing that I’m no expert and infinite discussions could be executed on this topic, actually dare to call art. Sound artist Edo Autopoiesis made a work that responds to the always present wind in sl. Apparently there was rain in the past as well but that has been stopped since the rain made a habit out of coming right through the roofs. Anyway, about his work edo writes the following:

”resonating-with-secondlifewind’ works and responds to this wind. Above the clouds there are floating 100 windmills, ordered in a grid. Each windmill shows us the direction and speed of the wind at that specific position. Together, they give a visual representation of how the wind behaves on a larger scale, over a larger area. Each windmill uses the available wind-energy to lift a red object: More wind and the object is lifted faster. Once the red object is at its top it’s ready to drop down again so it will hit the acoustic resonator at the bottom, and thus make a sound. The red object will only drop down though, when there is another windmill nearby also making a sound. So, the rhythm with which the sound will be played depends on the wind as well as on the sounds from the neighboring windmills. Since the wind in Second Life is always changing and never the same, the musical result will always be different: infinite variations on rhythm and melody.’

To me his work is, besides the fact that it is beautifully made, an example of creation. Instead of using sl to make copies of things we already know, he made something completely new out of the ingredients life and sl give us. My technical knowledge unfortunately is not good enough to judge the spontaneity of the work, the whole thing operates after all in a scripted environment. But these kind of questions are part of edo’s work as well as I understand, for I read on his website:

‘An artist creates an artifact, something made by a human being. Nature, that which is not created by human beings, shows us the sublime: the always perfect balance. Any artist can only try to make something as sublime as nature. Any human being can only try to be as sublime as nature.’

Whether or not sublime, here it is, originality, creation. In sl. It certainly is there, and it poses enough interesting new questions for us. Resonating with secondlifewind can be found here and other (rl) work by edo can be seen here.


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