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alpha channel


So, tuesdays event I called a small disaster. At the time I didn’t know how appropriate the use of the word ‘small’ turned out to be. Today I witnessed something much worse. I tp-ed myself over to megastore textures R us. It usually takes a while to have everything rezzed there but now…no problem at all. The whole land was completely empty! I checked if I was actually at the right place but yes, I was and in the distance I could see one person standing. I flew over and there she was, Lilibeth, one of the TRU designers. Upon my obvious question what had happened she answered: ‘I tried to send back some objects owned by other residents and now the whole store has gone’. Let me tell you, that store was huge. I gazed at her. Wasn’t this the exact same thing that happened to me two days ago? Unbelievable. I mean, I still think of myself as a very unexperienced sl user so if this could actually happen to the experts…wow…I guess I’m really part of it now. Lily however did know something that was new for me, a magical thing called rollback. The Lindens could turn back time for her and put the place back as it was an hour before. Unfortunately I was not allowed to stay and witness, since the lindens throw everybody who is not the owner of the land out for such an operation. And then, another important moment today. Alpha channels are a big thing in SL. After weeks of struggling with this whole new concept for me I finally made it! Hooray! See the wall above? Thats the pink wall in my new home. The little pics on it are on a transparant background with alpha channel. I cannot tell you how happy I am I finally made it! Hooray again!


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coming of age


All sorts of new experiences these days. To start with a small disaster, today I lost DEPOT. Here’s what happened: when I logged in I noticed a small package on the floor. It had a picture of a naked man on it, named Paul. Probably the packing of a shape or skin or something. So, I assumed somebody purchased that from the crappy store nextdoor and decided to unpack in DEPOT. What I did not understand was why it was still there, since I always have autoreturn on. So I checked, autoreturn was off…hmm…so I put it back on. Wrong decision. With Paul the rest of DEPOT disappeared. Of course I could take it out of my lost and found folder, but in parts. And when I rezzed it again, I obviously did not rez at the exact same place so the autoreturn of my neighbours kept on taking it and thus deviding it in even more parts. Stress! Anyway, I sort of fixed it, I think. A more enchanting experience the past days was voice-chat-try-out. As it happened I had a little mic lying beside the computer for ages now so I guess it was about time I started using the thing. So when asked I finally unpacked and plugged it in. That was the easy part. When I finally had everything working in sl I had the most lovely evening. Another fun thing was the mail I received by Tom Bukowski today. He has written a book about second life called ‘coming of age in second life’ and needs a bookcover. He set up a contest to search for the right cover and I also sent in some pics I thought appropriate for the title. And guess what, one of them (the one you see above) is shortlisted. Does it need explanation? To me coming of age in sl has everything to do with learning how to build. Even if you only develop your building skills to the most basic level (yes, I’m talking about me here) it’s crucial. My whole sl experience changed when I rezzed a box. Anyway, all shortlisted pics are to be seen in the Elektra Sparks gallery. Boy, what a day. In a few days I will write some more about a fun upcoming project.

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plane crash


A few weeks ago I was flying over some, what seemed to be, abandoned land when all of a sudden I bumped into a plane crash. It looked absolutely awesome. I immediately decided it could be a great location for a new exhibition. However, when I got back the next day the plane was gone. That’s sl, here one day, gone the next. But I was able to track down the owner who was in fact building a punk club some acres down the road and she was so sweet to give me the planecrash as a gift. Some gift, no? So, now I have 16 parts of plane in my inventory and no idea yet what to do with them. You see, it is a pretty big thing and the land I own is for sure not big enough. What you see in the pic above is me and edo somewhere high above a sandbox trying to figure out how much land would be needed for it. Oh well…I got things to do…still need to finish the new DEPOT, and my home…and then I’ll see what would be appropriate for showing in the plane…art… or maybe it should not be art…or maybe…and well, yeah the land. Okay, we’ll have to see about that. First things first. Its fun though, owning a plane, even if it is crashed.

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opening night


Yesterday was the opening of the third exhibition in DEPOT. Eight black and white photographs by Henri Gontineac are on show for the next weeks. It was a bit of a slow night but I blame that on the summer season. However, Henri did sell two of his works already. I have known Henri only for a short time, in fact I only know him through the screen. And that not being the second life screen (at least not in the first place). The funny thing is, the artists that have been on show in DEPOT so far, were by no means experienced heavy sl users. Actually, we could refer to them as newbies. In a way that is a positive thing for me since that way I can represent them in sl. On the other hand it can put me in awkward situations on, for instance, opening nights. You see, newbies have a tendency of trying out all the things they got for free in their inventory so I have had DEPOT artists already trying out their bodybuilder moves, their saturday night fever style moves, trying out all the places they could possibly sit on, extensively trying out the appearance mode sliders, or even telling my (and their) guests to get lost. Oh well, free spirits ay :-) Hooray for non-conformistic behaviour! (I think)

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