plane crash


A few weeks ago I was flying over some, what seemed to be, abandoned land when all of a sudden I bumped into a plane crash. It looked absolutely awesome. I immediately decided it could be a great location for a new exhibition. However, when I got back the next day the plane was gone. That’s sl, here one day, gone the next. But I was able to track down the owner who was in fact building a punk club some acres down the road and she was so sweet to give me the planecrash as a gift. Some gift, no? So, now I have 16 parts of plane in my inventory and no idea yet what to do with them. You see, it is a pretty big thing and the land I own is for sure not big enough. What you see in the pic above is me and edo somewhere high above a sandbox trying to figure out how much land would be needed for it. Oh well…I got things to do…still need to finish the new DEPOT, and my home…and then I’ll see what would be appropriate for showing in the plane…art… or maybe it should not be art…or maybe…and well, yeah the land. Okay, we’ll have to see about that. First things first. Its fun though, owning a plane, even if it is crashed.


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