coming of age


All sorts of new experiences these days. To start with a small disaster, today I lost DEPOT. Here’s what happened: when I logged in I noticed a small package on the floor. It had a picture of a naked man on it, named Paul. Probably the packing of a shape or skin or something. So, I assumed somebody purchased that from the crappy store nextdoor and decided to unpack in DEPOT. What I did not understand was why it was still there, since I always have autoreturn on. So I checked, autoreturn was off…hmm…so I put it back on. Wrong decision. With Paul the rest of DEPOT disappeared. Of course I could take it out of my lost and found folder, but in parts. And when I rezzed it again, I obviously did not rez at the exact same place so the autoreturn of my neighbours kept on taking it and thus deviding it in even more parts. Stress! Anyway, I sort of fixed it, I think. A more enchanting experience the past days was voice-chat-try-out. As it happened I had a little mic lying beside the computer for ages now so I guess it was about time I started using the thing. So when asked I finally unpacked and plugged it in. That was the easy part. When I finally had everything working in sl I had the most lovely evening. Another fun thing was the mail I received by Tom Bukowski today. He has written a book about second life called ‘coming of age in second life’ and needs a bookcover. He set up a contest to search for the right cover and I also sent in some pics I thought appropriate for the title. And guess what, one of them (the one you see above) is shortlisted. Does it need explanation? To me coming of age in sl has everything to do with learning how to build. Even if you only develop your building skills to the most basic level (yes, I’m talking about me here) it’s crucial. My whole sl experience changed when I rezzed a box. Anyway, all shortlisted pics are to be seen in the Elektra Sparks gallery. Boy, what a day. In a few days I will write some more about a fun upcoming project.


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