alpha channel


So, tuesdays event I called a small disaster. At the time I didn’t know how appropriate the use of the word ‘small’ turned out to be. Today I witnessed something much worse. I tp-ed myself over to megastore textures R us. It usually takes a while to have everything rezzed there but now…no problem at all. The whole land was completely empty! I checked if I was actually at the right place but yes, I was and in the distance I could see one person standing. I flew over and there she was, Lilibeth, one of the TRU designers. Upon my obvious question what had happened she answered: ‘I tried to send back some objects owned by other residents and now the whole store has gone’. Let me tell you, that store was huge. I gazed at her. Wasn’t this the exact same thing that happened to me two days ago? Unbelievable. I mean, I still think of myself as a very unexperienced sl user so if this could actually happen to the experts…wow…I guess I’m really part of it now. Lily however did know something that was new for me, a magical thing called rollback. The Lindens could turn back time for her and put the place back as it was an hour before. Unfortunately I was not allowed to stay and witness, since the lindens throw everybody who is not the owner of the land out for such an operation. And then, another important moment today. Alpha channels are a big thing in SL. After weeks of struggling with this whole new concept for me I finally made it! Hooray! See the wall above? Thats the pink wall in my new home. The little pics on it are on a transparant background with alpha channel. I cannot tell you how happy I am I finally made it! Hooray again!


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