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Spending the first half of this year an enormous amount of time in second life, the past weeks I felt like doing very down to earth and basic real life things. I guess it’s a perfectly normal response, for spending too much time in the brain usually makes me want to feel some real ground under my feet or smell some trees…and sometimes rl actually forces you but for some reason those things always seem to be less exciting or even boring. Anyway, the past period I hesitated to actually log in to sl and I’m not quite sure why. Could it be the overwhelming realisation that I can hardly keep up with all the real interesting things going on in there? Just recently I heard somebody say that route navigation only became a success when tomtom made it easy. So, what does that mean? Does that put me in the group of people who can only use and enjoy new techniques when made easy for the masses? I don’t own a tomtom by the way. But I do have a car. And for some reason I think I will only get route navigation if it actually will come with a possible new car for I was not planning on buying one. Now, where does that put me? I wonder. The thing is, I have so much admiration for artists and developers I see and meet in sl but at the same time it makes me feel so…well…basically…stupid. I can only imagine the excitement they must feel going around in this world and meeting likeminded souls. I just feel like a bystander, not capable of speaking the same language. The pic above is overig and me walking in a labyrinth at the burning life land. I guess, even though we could find our way pretty easy, it can be considered exemplary for the way I feel right now.


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conflux ll


So, the walkie talkie walks (website is here) for the conflux festival are behind us now. What can I say, it was an interesting experience alltogether. To our surprise we had more participants in-world than we had in New York. Sander was in New York and has been able to explain the principle to many participants of the festival but unfortunately there were not too many people in New York with a suitable phone. We did not really expect that. But in the end a few people actually have been able to perform a walk together. A short walk really. Walking the Brooklyn streets while chatting with an sl avi by mobile phone text messages can be a lifethreatening experience, so keeping eyes on the street instead of the phone seemed like a smart idea. No one died by the way. In the pic above you see Sander, afro marsipulami Taco (from DNBmedia, the owner of the 0031 land), some red bird I don’t know and me, preparing for the first walks. Next to the walks, Cathelijn had one work installed at the conflux exhibition in the glowlab@gitana rosa gallery which turned out a great succes, she has been asked to show work at the Art Basel satellite in Miami. Hehe, lots of goodluck to Cath!

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