Sooo, I discovered a new favorite sl pastime. I don’t really remember how I ended up here but I’m glad I did. This was so much fun! Free skates (I think the creator dropped his work somewhere halfway while working on the textures, but somehow going around on wooden blades seemed to work anyway) and very good skating animation. When I put on my wooden bladed skates I was surprised with my instantly obtained talent! For a figure skating program like this, a training outfit would not be suitable I decided. So I immediately changed into a figure skating approved outfit and nearly choked with laughing because of all the passion and dedication I put into this new discovered talent. When my neighbor got online I tp-d him over to join me in a couples program. Completely hilarious, especially because he refused to take of his cargo pants and rasta hair (which kept on flapping in my face) but I think we made a perfect match…ahum.. Winter in Canterbury!


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