One of my favourite heroesses is Alice. The one that ended up in wonderland, yes. And ever since I took my first steps in sl there were many moments I wished I could have talked to her since it seemed to me we could really relate. But I never felt as strongly about it as the time I was in the greenies home. When you go there you end up somewhere underneath the house but, like Alice, I followed the clues and ended up inside.


In the house I thought. Wrong. As it turned out I actually was in the dollhouse, in the house. In the enormous house I may say.


I suddenly shrunk to the size of the greenies that live and play there.


And even though it was fun playing with the radio control car, me being a girl and all I immediately ran for the gigantic handbag lying on the gigantic chair.


Hehe, girls and their handbags. See what happens if you loose yourself in sl cosmetics? You think Alice would have used lipgloss?



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