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much alive about nothing

So I spent some more time in my newly created room in lively but I don’t seem to warm up to it (whereas second life was love at first sight for me). I figured out how to move around, I even figured out how I could move my furniture but I don’t know yet how I’m supposed to search for other people, or how I can find their rooms, how to make snapshots (yes, I like to document my life), and what I’m supposed to do, besides chatting around. I wonder if google really wanted to present the second life follow up because if that was the plan, I don’t see much resemblance so far. I have gotten to know second life as an inspiring place where creativity is pushed forward. In lively all I see is limitations so far. Where in second life I have always felt I could expand my personality, in lively I just feel Im using a fancy chatprogramme. I know there are people who also consider sl to be exactly that, but I’m not one of them. What I do find interesting however is how apparently some well known sl users have already found their sl names used in lively, and not by them. That’s interesting, no? I wonder who would be doing such a thing, and more importantly why. Does it tell us something about the expectations some people may have? Another thing that’s basically just funny to see is how many sex rooms are already available on lively. One of the bigger issues when sl was hyped was the enormous amount of sex related stuff that could be found, mostly even without searching. Nice to see that just wasn’t an sl thing after all, but mainly just human nature.


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I’m waaaay too late with this post. But here it is anyway. There’s a new club in town. Or maybe it’s an old club, I have no idea really. It was new to me however. In a useless attemp to clean up my inventory I came across the sintetika landmark. Intrigued by the name I hopped over and liked what I saw. Little waving words all around me, made by no other than miss Strawberry (Holiday) herself. Such a nice surprise. Unfortunately strawberry’s words are no longer there, the concept of the place being a changing design monthly (by different artists, designers), or regulary anyway. I had the pleasure of being surrounded by strawberry’s words twice. Once just by myself, checking out the place. The other time I landed in middle of a great party, fab music! Some more pics:

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One of my favourite heroesses is Alice. The one that ended up in wonderland, yes. And ever since I took my first steps in sl there were many moments I wished I could have talked to her since it seemed to me we could really relate. But I never felt as strongly about it as the time I was in the greenies home. When you go there you end up somewhere underneath the house but, like Alice, I followed the clues and ended up inside.


In the house I thought. Wrong. As it turned out I actually was in the dollhouse, in the house. In the enormous house I may say.


I suddenly shrunk to the size of the greenies that live and play there.


And even though it was fun playing with the radio control car, me being a girl and all I immediately ran for the gigantic handbag lying on the gigantic chair.


Hehe, girls and their handbags. See what happens if you loose yourself in sl cosmetics? You think Alice would have used lipgloss?


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getting physical

edo’s workshop 1

This was fun, physics class by edo. Boy, why do I still have to learn so much? Needless to say, physics never was my best subject in school. Quoting my high school teacher: ‘she doesn’t understand and she never will’. Can you believe that man? I say he just wasn’t ambitious enough to teach me! Anyway, I don’t think one half hour on the behaviour of wooden balls will cut it so I hereby claim my right to the rest of the lessons.

edo’s workshop 2

I always like being in edo’s workshop but this time he turned the whole darn thing into a swimming pool. He could have warned me! Oh well, besides learning about the existance (yes, I really am that bad) of a physics engine I also learned another interesting thing. I had been wondering quite some time now about the total lack of privacy in our sl profiles when it comes to joining groups. Those group lists can contain a lot of information you really don’t feel like sharing. But thanks to edo’s playing soccer with his wooden boxes I discovered the possibility of hiding your groups. Aha! This instantly answered a lot of questions. Now I just have to think of a group that would be worth hiding.

edo’s workshop 3

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tai chi

Hmm, I don’t know…my neighbour olando and I seem to be developing a new interest in synchronized things these days…figure skating first and now group tai chi! Don’t look too close at the third pic or you’ll see how ridiculously cross-eyed I’m looking…man, this is complicated stuff!

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Today is my one year anniversary in SL. And well, as it turns out my sl is just as sad a life as my rl. Which by the way is not true. What is true is that my sl does indeed show some striking resemblance with my rl. People come…people go…people come back…people stay away…being succesfull takes both talent and hard work…you fall in love…you fall out of love…but all and all to me its still intruiging enough to hang out there. In the above pics a small collage of one year vi in sl. See how charming my newbie me looked? Hanging out in the welcome area…not knowing what to do…and immediately tackled by some italian. As you can see by the hair I had not yet really figured out the best way to look at myself en face and en profil. I actually took a camera controls class! Very helpful indeed! So having figured that out I kept on being followed around by this Italian guy who, how appropriate, decided to dye his hair violet. And well, as one would expect from a true Italian I ended up in his arms. And as one expects from a true Italian, he then disappeared from the face of the earth. In the meantime I already got myself acquainted with the rich fashion world of sl. At first I thought all clothing available was tacky you-might-as-well-go-nude stuff. But after being lectured by one famous fashion blogger I learned there really is a lot of variety in sl fashion. So to start my new shopping hobby I needed money. So I got myself a job at Jade’s Jazz Lounge. Such a nice place to party, to hang out, be jazzy, be drunk, be romantic. Besides all the great people I met at Jade’s I also met Mr ‘two different shoes’ Drumheller. Another cute character with a well practised disappearing act. After a few months of getting to know sl I decided it was time for something new. My own land to build something. That something became DEPOT. I had some nice exhibitions there, busy openings and actually sold quite some works. But as I always say about DEPOT, there is nothing revolutionary about that. New and revolutionary are words that can only be used for, in general I guess and art made in sl, the so called slart. For me there is still a lot to be seen without a doubt but in my annual report above some works that really impressed me. And one of those artists taught me what an enchanting experience voice chat can be. And then! There was the conflux festival! Walkie talkie walks in 0031. Read earlier blogposts about that :-) One night I took Overig shopping for some animations, he needed a better walk…we did not succeed…he thought the walks made him move like an ape…haha…Anyway, it was a busy year…and right in the end I found out about the Odyssey Land. I’m looking forward to the things that will be happening there the coming year. And romance? What about it? At the moment my best shot will be with the cute snowman that was following me around in one of the japanese shopping area’s!

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Sooo, I discovered a new favorite sl pastime. I don’t really remember how I ended up here but I’m glad I did. This was so much fun! Free skates (I think the creator dropped his work somewhere halfway while working on the textures, but somehow going around on wooden blades seemed to work anyway) and very good skating animation. When I put on my wooden bladed skates I was surprised with my instantly obtained talent! For a figure skating program like this, a training outfit would not be suitable I decided. So I immediately changed into a figure skating approved outfit and nearly choked with laughing because of all the passion and dedication I put into this new discovered talent. When my neighbor got online I tp-d him over to join me in a couples program. Completely hilarious, especially because he refused to take of his cargo pants and rasta hair (which kept on flapping in my face) but I think we made a perfect match…ahum.. Winter in Canterbury!

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