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lili was here!


The last exhibition in the old DEPOT contained work by artist Lilian Kreutzberger (RL name). As most of the DEPOT artists she is not a very active sl user so I’ll just stick with her RL name here. Her exhibition has been very successful, almost all works are sold. Lilian finished the Royal Academy of Art in the Hague this year and will be applying for an artist residency at the Rijksakademie in Amsterdam next year. Since her exhibition in sl has been such a great success I felt I had to share some of the recent developments here. Each year the director of one of the main dutch art museums, makes a selection of the graduate students from the aforementioned academy for an exhibition. And Lilian was selected as well this year. No surprise there so far…hehe…no seriously, that’s something to already be proud of obviously. But when I arrived at the opening I found a radiant Lilian who told me the director bought one of her works just a few minutes before. Way to go Lili! I was so proud of her! One of her large paintings has been sold and will now be in the collection of the Gemeentemuseum in The Hague….for keeps. Congrats. For anyone wishing to see her RL work, it is on show in the 7-up exhibition until february 3rd. Above pics: Some of Lilians work in DEPOT. Lilians website can be found here and the exhibitions page is here.


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opening night


Yesterday was the opening of the third exhibition in DEPOT. Eight black and white photographs by Henri Gontineac are on show for the next weeks. It was a bit of a slow night but I blame that on the summer season. However, Henri did sell two of his works already. I have known Henri only for a short time, in fact I only know him through the screen. And that not being the second life screen (at least not in the first place). The funny thing is, the artists that have been on show in DEPOT so far, were by no means experienced heavy sl users. Actually, we could refer to them as newbies. In a way that is a positive thing for me since that way I can represent them in sl. On the other hand it can put me in awkward situations on, for instance, opening nights. You see, newbies have a tendency of trying out all the things they got for free in their inventory so I have had DEPOT artists already trying out their bodybuilder moves, their saturday night fever style moves, trying out all the places they could possibly sit on, extensively trying out the appearance mode sliders, or even telling my (and their) guests to get lost. Oh well, free spirits ay :-) Hooray for non-conformistic behaviour! (I think)

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a new home


So, I did it! I bought new land. Taking the expansion slowly I bought a 1024 m2 plot, which now triples my land holdings. And since the first 512 m2 is free I am still in the first land tier category. Olando7, the Belgian journalist I met a few weeks ago, told me the land was for sale. It is next to the kbps project land, a somewhat alternative, underground area which holds several clubs, a cinema, one or two punk shops and another gallery. In Nimue (where DEPOT is now) my neighbour is selling his land as well, he is selling 2048 m2 for 35.000 lindens which to me seems like an absurd amount of money. I don’t think my neighbour is very much in tune with the prices for linden land at the moment. I tried to convince him he should lower his price but he wouldn’t do so. And now it is still for sale and he lost me as a potential buyer. And I don’t see land prices going up anytime soon. So, about the new land, it is a water plot. The fun thing in that is that I can build the gallery adjacent to the kbps land, which is sort of hanging above the water, and have my house on the ground floor (which is actually on the water) and create my own…well…somewhat tropical hangout…(yes, with a massive building hanging over my head but hey, who cares, it’s not like it’ll fall down). Minor problem, I’m not that much of a builder yet. But well, I got time. It will become a nice place eventually.

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