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I’m waaaay too late with this post. But here it is anyway. There’s a new club in town. Or maybe it’s an old club, I have no idea really. It was new to me however. In a useless attemp to clean up my inventory I came across the sintetika landmark. Intrigued by the name I hopped over and liked what I saw. Little waving words all around me, made by no other than miss Strawberry (Holiday) herself. Such a nice surprise. Unfortunately strawberry’s words are no longer there, the concept of the place being a changing design monthly (by different artists, designers), or regulary anyway. I had the pleasure of being surrounded by strawberry’s words twice. Once just by myself, checking out the place. The other time I landed in middle of a great party, fab music! Some more pics:


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brooklyn is watching!

In popcha stands a tower. A tower from which visitors to the Jack the Pelican Presents gallery in Williamsburg, New York can watch all that is happening on the popcha land. I found out about this project because Juria Yoshikawa sent out invitations to go see the work he made for Brooklyn is watching, called Neon Graffiti Party, and to my surprise I found a lot more works there by other wellknown names such as Dancoyote Antonelli and Strawberry Holiday. The owners of the land call the project a ‘hybrid RL / SL art project’. What to make of it? I don’t know yet, in the tower lives an eye, an eye that visitors can use to look around but I have not yet seen the eye in action so far. Besides that, the land appears to be a bit messy at he moment. What I do like though is that it is another way of making known what is going on in sl artwise without the immediate need for reviewing or criticizing in the most traditional sense. The sign next to the entrance says it like this:

‘and you will be watched, thought about, and commented upon…whatever…leave ‘something’ ‘here’ and it will be chronicaled on our blog and talked about on the brooklyn is watching podcast or….possibly….ignored….or possibly….mocked.’

So even though the tower seemed somewhat deserted when I looked up I can only applaud a rl gallery making a serious attempt in showing sl and its artists and thus trying to monitor these developments.

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up! up! up! we go!

Due to another one of the i(mpossible) i(n) r(eal) l(ife) landmarks I received, I met miss strawberry holiday and her (as she calls it) lovely stalker miss wendyofneverland fussbudget. I just landed right in the middle of a garden where strawberry was still working on a new project. Apparently they already had a lot of visiters for this new work that wasn’t even finished yet. However, they took me to another one of strawberry’s works, an installation called on their journeys which was at the NMC land. A journey for sure. Upwards. I didn’t realize it at first but the whole thing is actually a walk upwards. The path in itself is pretty clear but your journey gets easily distracted by all the things happening to you while underway. Circled platforms changing colour while walking around on them, clocks that suddenly appear, steps that seem missing (miss fussbudget: ‘have faith’), round spheres that suddenly pop up and surround you and all other kinds of surprises that respond to your presence. The notecard says:

‘Everything in this build is interactive. There are sounds, particles, lights, and textures that change and interact with your avatar. But they’re all based on your avatars location. If you’re not on the path, you’ll miss the interactive parts!’

on their journeys

When I started my journey I did stay on the path but didn’t immediately realize where I was heading, and only when I zoomed out with my camera I saw the complete thing…oh, so much more steps to go. Hang in there vi, just a few more. I would advise newbies to visit this installation before doing anything else in sl since it’s a major lesson in walking. I actually fell off a few times myself (notecard:’It’s OKAY to fall off! Every journey has it’s setbacks!). Especially the one time where I almost reached the top was quite charming. Anyway, the ‘upstairs’ is supposed to resemble a room, in a city, strawberry’s room. As she said it: the room of a confident woman in her element. To me the beginning and the end were a little bit too illustrative to my taste but the journey itself I thought was pretty well done. I actually felt tired and content when I finally reached the top.

And that same feeling happened to me again when I witnessed one of the 444 prims performances done by eifachfilm vacirca. I didn’t really know what to expect, I mean rezzing 444 prims? So I sat down at one of the grandstands and eifachfilm started. one box, two boxes, three boxes. I lost count then and there. This was going pretty fast, and eifachfilm was building a tower. Clicking the boxes gave us bible sentences from genesis 11, the story of the tower of babel. So my screen filled with coloured boxes and bible texts I tried to keep up with eifachfilms building speed by clicking the top boxes. This was hard work too and I think that already halfway I started asking myself how much longer…but we weren’t there yet. In fact eifachfilm took the tower and us right through one of juria yoshikawa’s works up in the sky. The whole performance lasted about an hour and it actually felt like a relief when eifachfilm planted the last box.

444 prims

I think this is what I liked about both works the most, how it actually really integrated me, the effect it had on me.

A film of the 444 prims performance can be seen here.

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