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walkie talkies 2.0

As part of the augmented reality exhibition in The Hague located organization Tag, Sander Veenhof further developed his walkie talkie walks (see also this & this post). He made a few changes for the better, I think. This time the movements of the rl people, moving around in a selected area of The Hague made Sanders avi, called Overig Solzhenitsyn, move around in second life. He positioned himself in a sandbox and dressed himself up pretty neat, in a nice cardboard advertisement

board saying: TALK TO ME! Our rl text messages, sent to a given mobile number were then displayed in second life and answers, given by second life avi’s in sl chat were then sent to a mobile phone we were carrying with us in rl. And we had live contact! Unfortunately we couldn’t understand a word they were saying but in a way it also didn’t matter to me much. In fact I think it gave some extra flavour to the whole experience, it being very much the sound of a different world this way. Im not entirely sure how he did it but Sander made it visible for us to spot the locations of the sandbox avi’s on the google map of The Hague

so we could actually walk towards the (in the rl streets non existent) avi’s to speak with them. So in the pics below you see us, on the streets of The Hague with a laptop, gps device, mobile phones and a crappy megaphone…trying to move Overig around in a busy busy sandbox and trying to decipher martian textmessages. real fun it was anyway!


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conflux ll


So, the walkie talkie walks (website is here) for the conflux festival are behind us now. What can I say, it was an interesting experience alltogether. To our surprise we had more participants in-world than we had in New York. Sander was in New York and has been able to explain the principle to many participants of the festival but unfortunately there were not too many people in New York with a suitable phone. We did not really expect that. But in the end a few people actually have been able to perform a walk together. A short walk really. Walking the Brooklyn streets while chatting with an sl avi by mobile phone text messages can be a lifethreatening experience, so keeping eyes on the street instead of the phone seemed like a smart idea. No one died by the way. In the pic above you see Sander, afro marsipulami Taco (from DNBmedia, the owner of the 0031 land), some red bird I don’t know and me, preparing for the first walks. Next to the walks, Cathelijn had one work installed at the conflux exhibition in the glowlab@gitana rosa gallery which turned out a great succes, she has been asked to show work at the Art Basel satellite in Miami. Hehe, lots of goodluck to Cath!

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I’ve been meaning to write about a new project DEPOT is involved in for a while now, but life has been hectic! Anyway, here it is. Dutch artist Sander Veenhof is participating in the Conflux Festival in New York (13 september until 16 september), a festival about contemporary psychogeography. I was not very familiair with either the subject of psychogeography or the festival but I did some research and I find it very interesting! I would love to visit the festival next year. This year I’m afraid Sander will need me behind the screen. So, what did he do? Sander developed an in-world walkie talkie device which makes it possible to communicate from within sl to someone outside in the RL, wherever that person may be. The avi uses the walkie talkie, your friend on the streets uses an internet enabled mobile phone. So, thats what we will be doing next week friday and saturday. Since the festival is all about modern psychogeography the second life avi’s and festival attendees in New York will be accompanying each other for a short citywalk. The new yorkers will be walking in brooklyn while the avi’s will be exploring the 0031 land in sl. Sander made a map in which the 0031 land and the Brooklyn streets (williamsburg) are combined. For instance, turning left on havemeyer street in Brooklyn would actually make the avi end up on the beach in 0031. In the pic above you see me and Sander at the conflux booth at the starting point in 0031. And as part of the whole festival DEPOT will be having a double exhibition with works by Rogier Verkade and Cathelijn van Goor. The festival in Brooklyn also includes an exhibition with psychogeography related work and guess what, we actually arranged for Cathelijns work to be present at the RL exhibition in New York as well! You can read more here

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