a new home


So, I did it! I bought new land. Taking the expansion slowly I bought a 1024 m2 plot, which now triples my land holdings. And since the first 512 m2 is free I am still in the first land tier category. Olando7, the Belgian journalist I met a few weeks ago, told me the land was for sale. It is next to the kbps project land, a somewhat alternative, underground area which holds several clubs, a cinema, one or two punk shops and another gallery. In Nimue (where DEPOT is now) my neighbour is selling his land as well, he is selling 2048 m2 for 35.000 lindens which to me seems like an absurd amount of money. I don’t think my neighbour is very much in tune with the prices for linden land at the moment. I tried to convince him he should lower his price but he wouldn’t do so. And now it is still for sale and he lost me as a potential buyer. And I don’t see land prices going up anytime soon. So, about the new land, it is a water plot. The fun thing in that is that I can build the gallery adjacent to the kbps land, which is sort of hanging above the water, and have my house on the ground floor (which is actually on the water) and create my own…well…somewhat tropical hangout…(yes, with a massive building hanging over my head but hey, who cares, it’s not like it’ll fall down). Minor problem, I’m not that much of a builder yet. But well, I got time. It will become a nice place eventually.


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